The Festival called Durga Puja

It is that time of the year again,
  • when bengalis all over the world wish they were at home, with their near and dear ones.
  • when tiny baskets of cotton-clouds float the clear blue skies.
  • a long drive anywhere in the out skirts of the city would take you to green fields with kash flower bushes everywhere.
  • new stocks for garments arrive at every store in the mall.
  • pandals are constructed at all the famous and not-so-famous puja committees.

Yesterday was the beginning of yet another Durga Puja...yesterday was Mahalaya..

My office is located near the two most famous puja clubs of the city...The Mudiali Club and Shib Mandir club...I actually grew up in these localities, so the pujas have always been extra special. Any festival actually becomes special due to the special people around you...We used to be a big group. That was around eight years ago....when we were still in school. All of us made the five days special just by being with each other...long long adda sessions...pnpc's, new clothes, new fashion, new hairstyle, was so colourful.

Today, we are all far far away from each other, in separate worlds, being special to some totally new people, who didn't even exist eight years back. Funny eh! what life shows us with time...How the reason of our existence keeps changing, what we had thought and what has become of all our dreams...all the promises that we had made....of never losing contacts, always keeping in touch, slowly vaporizing into this harsh reality...'tis really strange how the presence (or absence) of a few people can alter the happiest festival called Durga Puja...

Remembering and Missing all of you - Tania, Jinia, Mou, Pompa, Sarmishtha, Sweta and Pali


    Nice One, keep posting. Wishes for a very very special puja.