My Cousin...WRIK..

A Virgo, age 28 (yesterday was his 28th birthday), one and a half years senior to me, an MBA by profession and has been recently appointed the regional (east) head of an insurance company in India. I tried calling him up the entire day yesterday, only to hear, "The number you are trying to call is switched off..." Later at night I got the line but was on the call wait, so I hung up. After a few moments Wrik called back. Thirty minutes later when I finally said "Good night", I knew I would surely make a post out of this conversation.

Me : "Haaaaappy Birthdaaaay" Shillong
Wrik : "Thaaaank Yooouuu"
Me : "Where are you ?"
Wrik : "Guess?"
Me : "Ummm"
Wrik : "Guwahati-Shillong-Guwahati-Izawl-Guwahati", there were a few more places in that list, which I forgot.
After the initial Hi-Hellos..
Wrik : "Izawl is a heavenly place; the people out here are so simple and trustworhty. They say and do what they feel like saying and doing. The hotel where I was staying hadShillong a large room, the bathroom itself could fit in two of our flat-rooms of Calcutta. Whenever I opened a window, I could see the clouds floating in the air, right in front of me and the clouds even entered my room when I opened the door to my balcony"
Me : "Wow"
Wrik : "Know what ? The balcony looked down over a cemetery. The place is so windy that even with the doors closed it seemed like someone was breathing heavily on them from the other side. When I went to bed that night, I was suddenly woken up by a loud noise. I sat up straight, as if just received an electric shock on my back, only to find that the huge door(probably from the times when the British were still here) opened with a bang. I was shit-scared, I got off from the bed and closed the door. The moment I secured the bolt, the window on my left opened loudly. All I could think of at that point was, 'Okay, so this is how I am going to die'. My eyes fell on a lone Bible lying over a table next to the window(The Catholic population being the majority there). Already petrified that I was, I could'nt help thinking, ' Ok,,they keep ready-made arrangements for dying people out here'. I carried the Bible to bed and slept throughout the night with that heavy book over my chest." Submerged Roads and Fields
Me : "Aw"
Wrik : "There's more".
Me : "Tell me tell me !!"
Wrik : "The flight to Guwahati from Calcutta took us over Bangladesh. Rai,(that's my pet name) you wont believe".
Me : "What"
Wrik : "Almost all of Bangladesh is under water".
Me : "What are you saying?"
Wrik : " From that height I could clearly see long, winding roads submerged under what appeared to be a thin carpet of water and then the road suddenly disappeared".
Me: "Now, how is that possible?"
Wrik : "Arre, it went under deeper waters"
Me : "Okay"
Wrik : "Miles and miles of paddy fields, all under water. Give me one good reason, why the people from there wont come in here."
Me : "Hah hah hah..."
Wrik : "There is not a single dog out there in the hills, you know".
Me : "That's strange; why?"
Wrik : "They eat dogs out there, not many alive to roam the streets, you see".
Me : "Hah hah...that's disgusting!!"
Wrik : "I know. They eat dogs, they eat cows, frogs, snakes almost every living creature out here is an eatable. I once told one of my juniors, who was a localite-'If Maneka Gandhi comes here, she will die of a heart-attack and what more, she will come back to attack her heart all over again".
Me : "Ha ha ha."
Wrik : "The names of people here don't seem like ordinary names, they are more like sounds"
Me : "Like?"
Wrik : "I called the waiter, while lunching at a certain restaurant and after talking to him for sometime asked him his name, something he said, which did not at all sound like a name"
Me : "What did it sound like then ?"
Wrik : "Sounded like a car coming to a screeching halt!"
Me : "Heh heh...What was his name ?"
Wrik : "Do you have a pen nearby ?"
Me : "Yes"
Wrik : "Write this name down on some paper and pronounce it for me, I'll give you anything you ask for - Zongaihawmi Hranleh"
Me : " wait...Zzzongaaaaiii...Zzzzzoooo!!"
Wrik : "You can't take so long to say it. The girl took less than two seconds to complete it, at the end of which I told myself, 'Sounded like a splash!! after someone is forcibly thrown into a swimming pool'....I ended up making a strange noise myself while desparately trying to control my laughter."
Me : "Wrik, please write a book on all your experiences, I am sure it will be one big hit. Oh and one more thing, once you come down to Calcutta, show me ALL the snaps you have taken there and tell me more stories."
Wrik : "Sure darl."
Me : "I promise to call you up once every week for the dose of laughter that you and only you can provide. Let's go for a movie this, me and Wribhu(another of my cousins) 'bout Rock On ??"
Wrik : "Done deal...just lemme know and I'll be there"
Me : "Great...See ya then...bye bye...good night"
Wrik : "Godd night."

That was my divine cousin Wrik...I promise to post more on him later....
Stay tuned....


    oh dear..
    i wish i cud write bout my chats wid my bro...
    heehee..TOP SECRET!